Kenneth Mann, 74, had worked on the docks and was a maintenance worker for Hull City Council from 1965 to 1980. Mr Mann sadly died on December 3 after he developed mesothelioma, an incurable lung cancer, in February last year.

Post-mortem examinations confirmed the cancer developed because of Mr Mann’s exposure to asbestos throughout his working life.

Hull Coroner’s Court heard that Mr Mann believed he inhaled the asbestos fibres while working for the council.

He had written a statement for legal purposes after making a claim against the city council, which was settled by the authority.

“I believe I had a lot of exposure to asbestos while working for the council,” Mr Mann said.

“We used to come into contact with asbestos covering garage roofs and drainpipes, and we used to have to pull them off.

“I remember doing a job in the basement of the Guildhall, and we were asked to clear the asbestos lagging off the drain pipes and clean it up.

“There was no extraction and there was no ventilation, it was a very dirty environment.

“I was never given any personal protective gear or warned about the risks of coming into contact with asbestos. I was never given any training.”

In his statement, Mr Mann said he was involved in repairs and general maintenance for the council.

He said he used to demolish garage roofs and drainpipes known to be covered in asbestos insulation.

“All I remember is the lagging,” he said.

“When I was working there would always be dirt and dust in the air, which I would breathe in, and this is what I did a lot in my work in the 1970s.

“After we had knocked down and broken the garage roofs we then put them in bins ourselves.

“This meant we would be picking them up and carrying bits covered in asbestos.

“I did this throughout my employment.”

Mr Mann was married to his wife Valerie for more than 40 years, and also had a daughter.

William Allen knew Mr Mann his entire life, and said he knew many others who had worked with asbestos.

“I knew it was asbestos but I did not know Ken had been exposed to it like that. It is sad to lose him.” Mr Allen, 74, said.

At Mr Mann’s inquest yesterday, area coroner Rosemary Baxter recorded a conclusion of death by industrial disease.

A spokesman for Hull City Council said: “Health and safety procedures have changed dramatically since the 1970s, and due to the passage of time, no investigation was possible, however the claim made was settled swiftly.

“We express great sympathy for Mr Mann’s family.”

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