WE Solicitors recently represented a client who had been diagnosed with asbestosis, having moved from the UK to Texas some years ago. 

The claimant was employed at The Royal Devonport Dockyard, Portsmouth between 1960 and 1967 as an apprentice electrical fitter and thereafter as an electrical fitter.  

The claimant’s duties involved working in various docks on the maintenance and refit of naval vessels which exposed him to asbestos.  As a result of the claimant’s exposure he has suffered personal injury, loss and damage.  The claimant was regularly working with and around asbestos when it was being applied and removed. This included being in the vicinity when asbestos powder was mixed into a paste by the lagging teams who worked nearby.

Despite the fact the claimant was now an ex pat and resided in the United States, he was still entitled to claim statement benefits, pensions and damages for his exposure to asbestos whilst he was working in the dockyard.

Asbestos was widely used throughout the 1960’s to as insulation and fire proofing various parts of naval ships. The Ministry of Defence, who are responsible for the dockyard, nominated claims handlers who quickly admitted liability.  The case was settled for a substantial sum on a provisional basis which allowed the claimant to reopen the case should his condition worsen or he goes onto contract another asbestos related condition.

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