Mr S contacted WE Solicitors about a claim for an asbestos related condition, having been exposed during the course of his employment with CEGB, from 1963 to 1965.  Mr S was employed in the maintenance department and he would paint everything from pipework to floors to advertising boards.  He worked all over the power station both indoors and outdoors.  He would frequently have to paint asbestos lagged pipes but in preparation would need to brush the pipes down to get a clean, dust free surface.  In doing so, dust would be released into his breathing space that he could not help but inhale.

In around 2017 Mr S began to suffer with chest infections and underwent a series of tests. He was asked if he had ever worked with asbestos and in February 2018 was diagnosed with Asbestosis.  Mr S then required ambulatory oxygen to help him breathe however this quickly progressed to him requiring oxygen 24 hours a day.

Sadly, Mr S passed away within two months of instructing WE Solicitors.  Prior to his passing we had managed to take a signed statement from him detailing his work history which allowed his daughter to take over the claim and deal with it on behalf of his estate. 

A letter of claim was sent to CEGB and liability was admitted relatively quickly thereafter.  There was no requirement for a medical report to be obtained and the case was settled within 18 months of the date of instruction.  The settlement was reached without the need to issue legal proceedings or attend a court hearing.

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