Dealing with the Loss of a Loved One

We are often contacted by families who are coming to terms with the loss of a loved one or the consequences of being told they have a terminal condition.

WE Solicitors believe it is important that the person dealing with you has Bereavement Training so they can listen to you and empathise with your situation. Whilst we cannot lessen the grief you are experiencing, we will make every attempt to ensure that dealing with us is a far easier experience than you might expect.

We understand that when losing a loved one the family will be going through a grieving process. The thought of having to deal with solicitors, coroners, obtain probate and proceed with litigation can be insurmountable. That is why we are here to help and assist you.

We have listed some useful hints for anyone helping friends or family members with grief and the loss of a loved one:-

  • Just be there and take time to be with them.
  • Listen and reply in a neutral, non judgemental way.
  • Listen and try to understand something of what they are going through.
  • Encourage them to talk about their loved one if they wish to and are ready to.
  • Allow silences.
  • Be aware of your own feelings about loss and grief.
  • Offer reassurance.
  • Do not take anger personally.
  • Recognise that your feelings may influence how they feel and take care that this doesn’t happen.
  • Accept that you cannot take the pain away, but you can help them to feel supported.

Everyone’s grief is personal to them. Grief doesn’t have a ‘use by’ date and we shouldn’t expect a person to be over their grief after a set period of time. Everyone deals with grief differently and we understand the need for time to grieve and come to some form of resolution about your loss.

We can help you with the practical aspects of resolving your loss such as:

  • Dealing with the coroner
  • Obtaining probate and dealing with the deceased’s Will.
  • Securing financial compensation
  • Helping you find a bereavement counsellor
  • What we cannot do is make the pain of grief and bereavement go away. However we can listen and understand what you and you family are going through so we can tailor how we work together to suit your needs.

More information on dealing with grief can be found here:

“ Thank you to Steven [Evans] for his kindness, patience, efficiency and professionalism throughout this process.  I didn’t think my dad would cope well with the requirements but Steven’s calm nature and knowledge made a fairly grim situation much easier to bear.  We contacted other solicitors at the start of this process, and their hard-sell approach was dreadful – thank goodness for you and your team! ”

Miss H

Daughter of former GPO/BT employee