Our client started having breathing difficulties having retired to Greece some years ago.  After extensive tests in Greece he was advised that he had pleural thickening and some smoking related chest conditions.  Despite our client never returning to the UK throughout the duration of his claim we were able to speak to him frequently via skype arranging translation of the Greek medical notes and information from medical experts.

Our client was employed as an instrument artificer and came into contact with asbestos when working at the ICI plant in Wilton in the 1950’s and 1960’s.  Asbestos was widely used throughout this period to insulate pipework and machinery.  Our client was exposed to asbestos throughout his employment with ICI.  Despite going on to have a successful engineering career throughout the world it was only after his retirement that he started to notice he was breathless and his exercise tolerance was steadily reducing.

Medical evidence was commissioned in the UK which supported his diagnosis and after some legal argument, the defendants agreed to compensate our client with tens of thousands of pounds in compensation.  This is helping to meet the care needs of our client who does not have access to an NHS system as he resides outside the UK.

Steven Evans the Partner who dealt with the case said ‘Many ex pat victims of asbestos conditions are coming to realise that care needs are not met as effectively as they would in the UK.  Often they have no choice than to pay for private care and expensive prescription charges.’

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