WE Solicitors have been successful in securing compensation for a retired former Plumber from Hampshire who worked for G E Prince for nine years.

Our client started having breathing difficulties around the end of 2011 and after going to see his GP which lead to being referred to hospital for further tests he was diagnosed with Asbestosis.

Our client was employed as a Plumber for G E Prince and during the course of his employment he came into contact with asbestos.  Our client would have to strip asbestos lagging off pipes to carrying out his maintenance work on the pipes.  As well as stripping asbestos lagging off pipes our client also had to work in boiler rooms removing asbestos lagging from the boilers.

When our client retired he used to volunteer to do odd jobs for the elderly but unfortunately he had to stop doing this because of his increasing breathlessness and reduced exercise tolerance.

Medical evidence was commissioned which supported his diagnosis and the defendants agreed to compensate our client with thousands of pounds in compensation.