Asbestos mixed into the soil in the former landfill site presents a high and severe risk to both construction workers and potential home owners, a contamination report says.

The report, paid for by Northampton Town Football Club, says that dust containing the lung cancer-causing material could be disturbed during preparation and inhaled by workers. Moreover, the site’s landfill past could see asbestos retained in soil in planned gardens and other landscaped areas.

The report says: “Future site users could come into contact with contaminated soils in garden or soft landscaped areas.

“Staff working in excavations could come into contact with contaminated soils.”

For the same reasons, solvents and metals buried in the site could become dangerous to future residents, the reports says.

The report warns: “Residential development including gardens is proposed. Plants grown in contaminated soils could take up phytotoxic metals.”

Other severe hazards that the experts highlighted included the build-up of ground gas, a mixture of carbon dioxide and methane, from decomposing organic matter that could lead to an explosion. Drinking water quality may also be affected if houses are eventually built.

The report says: “Organic compounds can permeate plastic potable water supply pipes and affect drinking water quality.”

All of the concerns raised are based on knowledge of past uses of the land rather than new tests.

The site had a tramway through it leading to two offsite quarries which were later turned to landfills.

Although covered in plants now, the site is believed to consist of ‘made ground’ from construction or demolition fills, landraising and material from Weedon Road landfill.

The report summarises: “Further investigation to allow a quantitative assessment of these risks and the potential requirements for remedial/preventative measures are highly recommended.

“Information within the public domain acknowledges the brownfield status of the site and indicates a remediation programme has been undertaken. “However no records can be found on the specifics of the remediation works.”

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