WE Solicitors have successfully recovered £100,000 for a 78 Year old former Metro Cammell worker from the Midlands.

We were contacted by the family in mid 2013 and were asked to go and see the client by his daughters. He had been diagnosed with mesothelioma previously and had been taken into a local hospice. Mesothelioma is an incurable cancer caused by inhalation of asbestos fibres which, in most cases, happened decades before.

After some time we were able to obtain a witness statement from our client, despite him being extremely unwell. It was testament to his own strength and will power that he was able to provide us with this information.

We were then able to piece together a picture of work. He worked as a finisher on the coaches, in particular the higher class carriages called the “Blue Pullman” which the company were famous for manufacturing. All the carriages were spray painted with asbestos to ensure they were fire proof. This was going on throughout the factory- there was no escaping the dust.

Our client’s job was to drill directly into the asbestos painted frames to attach panels which were made from highly polished wood or a formica type plastic. He would be drilling into the asbestos framework throughout the course of the day and could drill many holes per day to get the panelling fixed into place. He remembered walking through the area where they spray painted the carriages and seeing a screen of dust hanging in the air.

Our client passed away a short time later, but his daughters decided to continue with the case to ensure justice for their father. The case was delayed whilst there was an inquest and the findings were made known to the family. We attended the inquest with the family and made sure we were there to support them throughout the entire litigation process.

Many people do not appreciate that the dangers of asbestos have been well documented since the 1930s and earlier. Asbestos has been mined since antiquity, largely because as a material it has excellent insulation and fire retardant properties. However, if disturbed the fibres can become airborne and lodge in the lung and for reasons not yet fully understood by medicine can cause cancer. Employers have been under a long standing duty to ensure asbestos dust and fibres are extracted from the workplace and to provide protective equipment.

In many cases the asbestos exposure and the subsequent cancer could have been avoided which is why many families take up the fight for justice on behalf of lost loved one.

If you have been affected by asbestos, have been diagnosed with an asbestos condition or know of someone who has ensure they contact us today so they receive the specialist advice and care that they deserve.

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