Construction union UCATT secured several key commitments from the Labour Party at the National Policy Forum meeting in Milton Keynes held over the weekend of 18th-20th July.

On pleural plaques it was agreed: “Labour will introduce legislation for a proper compensation scheme for sufferers of asbestosis and asbestos related conditions, ensuring they are given the payment they are duly owed without delay, by enshrining the levy on the insurance industry in law.

This will secure a sustainable funding stream for compensation for victims and ongoing research into asbestos related diseases and their treatment. The compensation scheme will be extended to include pleural plaques should evidence be found to show pleural plaques are symptomatic.”

This would go some way to correcting the current law which states that victims with pleural plaques who were exposed to asbestos in England and Wales cannot be compensated whereas if you live and were exposed in Northern Ireland or Scotland you can still seek compensation.

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