Mr James Sweeney wins settlement of £22,000 through WE Solicitors.  He was exposed to asbestos  whilst working for Woden Transformers Limited which later became Babcock Transformers Limited.

He would dry sweep and hoover asbestos from the floors and the tops of the internal offices during his employment. The asbestos dust was never dampened down and as he swept the dust it billowed up into the air. Mr Sweeney breathed in the dust and as a result has developed pleural thickening.

Mr Sweeney was never provided with any equipment to protect him from exposure to asbestos dust throughout the course of his employment.

The company is no longer in business but WE Solicitors were able to locate their insurers at the time of his employment and secure an out of Court settlement for Mr Sweeney.

Mr Sweeney said ‘I will support WE Solicitors as long as I live!  Thank you for what you all did’.