Mr Douglas Bird, wins settlement of £30,000 through WE Solicitors. This is to compensate Mr Bird for the asbestos related illness he has suffered through exposure to asbestos by his former employers.

Mr Douglas Bird was employed by the following companies:

–      Caleb Wright (Fine Spinners & Doublers)

–      The Bolton Eagle Spinning Company Limited

–      Leigh Spinners Limited

–      Joseph Holt / J Holt Brewery

Mr Bird was exposed to asbestos during the course of his employment with the above named companies. He was not provided any protective respiratory equipment and as a result he has suffered an asbestos related condition.

Some of Mr Bird’s employment was prior to 1961 and not listed on his HM Revenue and Customs schedule.  Without proof of his employment with the company one of the Defendants insurers refused to pay for many months holding up the claim.

Following extensive negotiations with the co-insurers they came on board and agreed to pay Mr Bird the compensation that he was entitled to.

WE Solicitors were able to negotiate an out of court settlement of £30,000 for Mr Douglas Bird, avoiding the need for court proceedings. Mr Bird said ‘I was well satisfied with the outcome of the case’