Mr Newton wins £25,000 pay out after working as a Pipe Fitter’s Mate at Robert Heyworths, Young Austen Young and Capper Pipe Services Ltd. Mr Newton was exposed to asbestos from stripping lagging and replacing asbestos preformed sections.

Mr Newton was diagnosed with pleural thickening and due to him only being 64, it was recommended that a claim for provisional damages be made, so that he can make a further claim if he contracted any other asbestos related illness in the future. He was also entitled to government benefits of Industrial Injuries Disablement Benefit which is a weekly payment and a Workers Compensation Act Payment of £14,599 which he received earlier on in the case. This lump sum became deductible at the end of the case, however if Mr Newton’s case was for any reason unsuccessful it would not have been necessary for him pay the lump sum back. He will continue to receive his weekly Industrial Injuries Disablement Benefit even though the case has now settled.

This was an extremely difficult case as the three companies who exposed Mr Newton to asbestos no longer existed. WE Solicitors continued to investigate and eventually identified the insurers for the companies.

Steven Evans the Partner who dealt with the claim said “ It is really important that we don’t give up on these cases. Whilst mesothelioma victims rightly get much of the media spotlight because of the harrowing nature of the illness, there are victims such as Mr Newton who equally deserve compensation.”

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