The ELTO service has been an effective tool for indentifying EL insurers with over 86,000 enquiries being made since it’s launch.  In view of the launch of the mesothelioma Scheme in July 2014, ELTO have announce the creation of a new tracing team in order to assist these claimants in locating an insurer.

ELTO confirmed the Tracing Investigator Team commenced reviewing Mesothelioma claims on 13th May 2013.  The team may contact the enquirer to obtain further information about the employer which may assist with the enquiry.

This will provide an additional live of enquiry in an attempt to ultimately identify an insurer for a claim to be made with an anticipated response time of 5 weeks.

We have yet to see whether the additional service will assist in identifying insurers where previously none could be found but WE Solicitors welcome any additional attempts enabling victims of mesothelioma to claim the compensation to which they are entitled.