WESolicitors are proud supporters of Mesothelioma UK. Throughout the year they work tirelessly to provide much needed mesothelioma information, support, improved care and treatment to the many thousands of mesothelioma patients and their carers.

With the Christmas season fast approaching, Mesothelioma UK are once again offering a delightful range of Christmas cards with every penny of the profits made going directly into their own independent Mesothelioma UK Charitable Trust. Click here to view Christmas Cards at the Mesothelioma UK site.

As a national resource centre, with a team that includes a Consultant Nurse and a Helpline Assistant, Mesothelioma UK was originally funded by Macmillan Cancer Support when they first registered as a charity in September 2008. However, today Mesothelioma UK relies totally on voluntary donations.

The organisation handles the many free phone helpline (0800 169 2409) and email requests for urgent advice and information they receive each year. Crucial access is provided to impartial, accurate and relevant mesothelioma advice for patients, carers and health care professionals, as well as sending out over 1,700 newsletters every two months.

Besides organising training and educational events for health care professionals, a National Mesothelioma Nurse Action Team was recently established in support of mesothelioma health care and management.

Mesothelioma UK constantly organises running, walking and cycling events, to name just a few, which help to raise much needed funds but is probably most well known for the annual Action Mesothelioma Day. Commemorations, seminars and meetings are held every July in many towns and cities across England and Wales where men and women have traditionally been most affected by a history of asbestos exposure.

The incidence rate of mesothelioma in the UK has steadily risen to being one of the world’s highest, with a four-fold increase just in the last thirty years, according to The Office of National Statistics.  In 2007, around 2,400 people were diagnosed and in the following year there were around 2,150 recorded deaths from the fatal malignant cancer.

The need to keep raising asbestos awareness to the ever present dangers of exposure present in the many properties around the country is always highlighted when prosecutions are brought against firms who fail to carry out the necessary procedures for asbestos surveys or disposal.

It’s very clear that the work of Mesothelioma UK continues to be constantly and urgently needed by many thousands of people around the country living with the experience of asbestos exposure and consequences of mesothelioma and asbestosis disease.

For more information about Mesothlioma UK, click here.