The new scheme will help anyone diagnosed with mesothelioma after 25th July 2012 who have not been able to trace employers liability insurers where an employer no longer exists.

Payments will be made on a tariff scheme which will be slightly less than damages received if making a claim against the employers through a solicitor. It does however mean that where employers or their insurers cannot be traced, the sufferer can still receive some compensation. The new scheme will help around 3,000 mesothelioma victims who cannot claim for this reason.

The  scheme is going to be funded by insurance companies and it is going to be compulsory for all employers’ liability insurers to contribute.

New measures are also going to be put in place to speed up the process of receiving compensation for all mesothelioma sufferers through an online portal system to exchange information quickly. There are also going to be changes to the Civil Procedure Rules to ensure that evidence is disclosed early and improvements are also going to be made in the way information is provided by the government, such as employment schedules from the HMRC and state benefits from the DWP.

At the moment the information on the scheme is very limited, however more information should be provided over the coming months. Further legislation is required to put the scheme in place and therefore it is unlikely that payments will be made until 2014.