We solicitors are proud sponsors of Mesothelioma UK and were pleased to attend the Patient and Carers day on 6th November 2012 at the Pulman Hotel, London.

The day was very well attended by over one hundred patients, relatives, medical and legal professionals. It was dedicated to providing information and advice to the sufferers of Mesothelioma, an asbestos cancer. Talks were given by Lung Cancer Consultant and Surgeon,
Jeremy Steel and John Edward, explaining the latest developments in this area of medicine, including new drug trials and surgical procedures.

An exceptionally inspirational talk was given by mesothelioma sufferer, Jan Egerton, which brought a tear to the eye of all in the room. Another
very moving speech was given by the son of a mesothelioma victim, Danny Parr. He explained how his family coped with the diagnosis and eventual death of his father, and of the amazing work he and his
friends have done in raising vital funds for Mesothelioma UK in his Dad’s memory.

Mesothelioma is a charitable trust that supports the sufferers of mesothelioma and their families all over the UK. It provides specialist Mesothelioma information, and improved care and treatment. Its
services are free of charge.

Mesothelioma UK has raised funds to provide specialist nurses who will contact and support mesothelioma sufferers in certain areas of the country. They are still campaigning and raising funds with the
vision to fund a mesothelioma nurse for every area throughout the UK.

Please donate online at http://www.mesothelioma.uk.com/