Palliative care, which aims to improve the quality of life of a patient diagnosed with mesothelioma, also forms part of ongoing research into identifying both asbestosis treatments and alternative cancer management, which can help strengthen the body’s immunity against the spread of the disease.

Cancer patients who follow a strict healthy, nutritional intake can often obtain a better prognosis than a third of patients whose cancer has been linked with a poor diet. When the white blood cell count of mesothelioma cancer patients becomes low, the likelihood of developing infections can increase.

The exceptionally long gestation period of up to 50 years from the initial period of asbestos exposure and the appearance of asbestosis symptoms at an advanced stage of the disease can often mean that life expectancy is less than 6 months. While there is no known cure for mesothelioma, it has been shown that with the administration of palliative care and attention to nutrition, it is possible to extend life by up to 12 months, or even longer and is seen to be as important as chemotherapy, radiation, or other treatments.

The use of herbal supplements is also popular and a number of supplements can help to relieve mesothelioma symptoms. It has been shown that botanical therapies, which include herbs, mineral and vitamins, can strengthen body organs, optimise their daily functioning and raise patient’s energy levels.

Supplements often include Vitamin A/beta carotene to help reduce the risk of infection, Vitamin E and Zinc to stimulate the immune system and also protect cells from the toxic effects of radiation therapy and chemotherapy. Curcumin is a known powerful anti-inflammatory and Lemongrass could help trigger natural cell death in cancer cells.

While a number of longer term mesothelioma survivors attribute their sense of well-being to botanicals and other natural remedies, such as the herb, lobelia, which can help with opening air passage-ways and alleviate breathing difficulties, it is absolutely vital to remember they are not curative treatments. Some botanical therapies can actually interfere with regular mesothelioma chemotherapy treatments and supplements can cause post-surgery complications.

It is always important to speak speak first with a doctor / specialist about any current medications or supplements being taken and seek asbestos advice on any suspected issue concerning a possible exposure at any time in the past or present.