Michael Hoffman died after a long battle with bladder cancer, leaving behind his wife Patricia, daughter Tracy and his young Granddaughter (seen in the photograph taken 10 days before he died.  Mike worked as a Mechanic from 1974/5- 1993/4 at the Coal Research Establishment for the National Coal Board at Stoke Orchard, where he was exposed to carcinogenic (cancer causing) oils and tars.

The family are seeking legal justice for the tragic loss of a proud and loving man, who died before his time.

WE Solicitors LLP would like to speak to anyone who worked at the Coal Research Establishment and has knowledge of the use of cancer causing substances, whether or not they knew Michael personally or not.  Please call Jennifer Wood on 0161 683 3140.

Around 10,000 people a year are diagnosed with Bladder Cancer, with it being estimated approximately 1/3 related to exposure to chemicals at work.  The risk of this cancer increases with exposure to cigarette smoke and carcinogens in the workplace.  However, people who smoked whilst the exposure took place are much more likely to develop the cancer that either of the two causes on their own.  There is a long period of time of 15-50 years between the exposure and onset of illness.  Occupations at risk are metal workers, fitters, rubber workers, mechanics, leather workers, machinists and chemical workers.