Ms C wins  £16,750 payout after being exposed to asbestos whilst working at Turner Brothers Asbestos Company Ltd in Rochdale when she was just 15 years old from 1958-1962 and on a second occasion from 1964-1965. 

During both of these employments she was a Cheese Winder and was required to take the ends of asbestos thread from bobbins and attach it to a spindle where it was spun on to 6 different spindles.  She repeated this job with many different bobbins throughout her shift and was exposed to substantial quantities of asbestos dust.  She was required to gauge when the spindles were the correct size and full.  They were then sent off to another department to be made into asbestos rope. 

Fibres broke off from this process and would be in the air all around Ms C where she would breathe them in.  She recalls it was an extremely dusty place to work and was never provided with any personal protective equipment. 

Ms C was diagnosed with pleural plaques in 2005, which she could not claim compensation for.  However her condition deteriorated and she developed asbestosis for which she has now received a payment from the T & N Asbestos Trustee Company Limited. 

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