Back in July 2004 I, Mr Rupert Grugel, instructed we Solicitors to deal with my claim for compensation following a diagnosis of pleural plaques due to asbestos exposure whilst working at Cammell Laird Ship Yard.

Unfortunately, due to the Government’s indecision as to whether or not victims of pleural plaques would be entitled to receive compensation, the matter has taken some time to resolve.

However, I have been delighted with the service received from we Solicitors who have kept me informed throughout the process and updated with regards to the latest announcements from the Government.

Most recently, the government decided that victims of pleural plaques would be entitled to receive a one off compensation payment on the basis their circumstances met certain criteria.

On announcement of this decision, we solicitors once again carried out a review of my file and wrote to me to confirm the recent decision providing step by step instructions on how to register my claim with the Ministry of Justice and providing me with copies of all the relevant documentation from my file.

I contacted we solicitors over the telephone to confirm the procedure and just 3 weeks after receiving the letter from we solicitors announcing the scheme I have received confirmation that I am entitled to the one off payment.

We solicitors have assisted me with this matter without charge and despite the work they have carried out on my behalf have asked for nothing more than for me to make a donation to charity.

I am delighted to finally be compensated for my illness. After many years of feeling I would never receive anything it’s a relief to have the condition that I, and many others, are suffering from through no fault of our own.

I would like to thank we solicitors for their help throughout this matter – without them keeping me informed I may not have been aware I could finally receive compensation.