The Northern Ireland Executive recently published their consultation on pleural plaques.

Finance Minister Sammy Wilson said:

“ The responses to the consultation exercise revealed how the House of Lords ruling in the Johnson case had an adverse impact on the lives of ordinary men and women who, through no fault of their own, had been exposed to asbestos and developed pleural plaques.  The reinstatement of the right to claim compensation in negligence is, I believe, just and fair and will ensure that people in Northern Ireland have the same rights and protections as people in Scotland.”

We welcome Northern Irelands decision to bring in legislation to allow pleural plaques victims to have access to justice. Victims in England and Wales have an extremely limited ability to claim following announcement from the Ministry of Justice to compensate only 600 people who had a claim lodged in court in 2007, prior to the House of Lords decision.

We Solicitors we believe that all victims suffering with pleural plaques should be entitled to compensation.