The decision to proceed with a mesothelioma claim or asbestos compensation can be a daunting step to take. Especially, after a long latency period that has seen a gradual deterioration in the asbestosis sufferer’s health. Case procedures can be themselves lengthy and complicated, with often, many delays, obstacles and disappointments along the way. Therefore, it’s imperative that you engage the services of the best solicitors that you can to achieve satisfaction in your efforts to win your case and be awarded compensation entitlement.

Preparation is essential! Starting with the lawyers you decide will present your case. Ask the right questions at the outset to really see if their professional background in personal injury and disablement extends into a comprehensive history and experience of working with asbestos and mesothelioma compensation claims.

Obviously, this leads to asking how successful has the solicitor been in winning previous compensation claims, and can show good evidence to back up their reassurances that they can achieve success with your particular case. Enquire in to how long an asbestois claim , if dealt with by this solicitor, would normally take to go to court or be settled. As a basic guide, it’s worth remembering that claims for living mesothelioma sufferers should be finished within 12 months or sooner, if possible.

Determine the financial situation by asking for the solicitor’s specific fee structure for dealing with an asbestos-related compensation claim. It’s often thought of as standard that the solicitor will probably work on a no win/no fee basis, but not always, so if not, obtain the full details of charges. Be sure to ask if you need to pay a deposit or any other up-front charges prior to commencing the case.

Finally, the most important aspect of seeking legal asbestos advice is to try and get a clear idea of how much compensation you are realistically, likely to receive and what would be a minimum and maximum and possible alternative types of claim amounts. Typical historical accounts from previous cases will be of help here too, as well as finding out when, and by what method, payments are to be made, and if any stipulations are attached.