A lawyer needs to be specifically experienced and expert in pursuing an asbestos-related claim on behalf of their clients. Choosing the best asbestosis lawyer requires careful consideration, and ultimately comes down to finding out their success ratio!

In many parts of the world, asbestos was used in insulation, building materials, and other products during much of the twentieth century. The lack of asbestos awareness and its devastating long term effects on most people who regularly worked with or were exposed to asbestos throughout their working lives, subsequently led to years of suffering and finally death, as a result of contracting asbestosis, mesothelioma or cancer.

Although workers did not know of the dangers, it has often been demonstrated that many companies did know but failed to protect their employees.

Thus, companies which manufactured or used asbestos products are liable for the fatal illnesses that their workforce sustained as a result of asbestos exposure. Seeking to make an asbestosis claim or win mesothelioma compensation, requires choosing the expertise and knowledge of a dedicated lawyer, because it can affect how well the claims process develops and how successful, the outcome.

At the outset, the most important question to ask a prospective lawyer is simply how much experience they have working on asbestosis/mesothelioma cases. The best lawyers should be able to provide evidence of a number of years experience working in asbestos compensation, which helps speed up the process and improves the chance of success.

The second question inevitably revolves around track record and a good success ratio. You may wish to take a look at their case histories, and success rates measured in terms of the value of the settlements they obtain for their clients.

Many asbestosis lawyers work on a no win, no fee basis, with the claimant paying the lawyer a percentage agreed-upon when first hired, only if the claim was successful.

Although not easy due to time limitations, a successful claim may ultimately be assisted by choosing a lawyer who the claimant can feel most confident in and comfortable to work with, through any complications or obstacles that may arise in an ongoing claims process.