A Bristol based company has been prosecuted and fined by the Health and Safety Executive for exposing their workers to asbestos whilst working.  Frank Bruce & Company Ltd pleaded guilty in Bristol Magistrates in relation to refurbishment work at Lawrence Hill Industrial Park, Bristol in February 2009.

HSE inspectors had attended the site and found that the refurbishment included the removal of large amounts of asbestos insulation board without the necessary safety precautions.

Seven construction workers were exposed to the dust that can lead to fatal diseases.

The company were fined £18,000 and £6,679 costs. 

It is estimated that 500,000 buildings built before 2000 could contain asbestos.  If managed properly and kept in good condition, asbestos need pose little safety concerns.

The HSE stated that Landlords need to arrange for Type 3 surveys to be done before refurbishment or demolition and pass this information on to builders before they start work.  Specially licensed contractors can only remove asbestos insulation boards.