GMB has organised a third lobby of Parliament over the House of Lords decision in October 2007 to overturn the payment of compensation to the sufferers of Pleural Plaques. Despite the closure of the Government’s official consultation on this serious issue over a year ago there has still been no announcement on this from the Justice Department or the Prime Minister’s office. This in spite of repeated announcements from the floor of the house on a statement being made “very soon”.

The Rally takes place at:

Followed by the Lobby at:

The lobby will be addressed by Paul Kenny, speakers from Unite and UCATT, and by many MPs with pleural plaques sufferers in their constituencies.

The Scottish Parliament has overturned the decision and sufferers from pleural plaques can now claim compensation, while the Northern Ireland Assembly is considering following the same approach.

“The Government has messed around with its decision for long enough. It is time that it recognised that working people, who have been exposed to asbestos and are suffering from pleural plaques, have the right to be treated equitably across the UK. Since the Government consultation closed over a year ago new information has surfaced, from both Japan and the USA that pleural plaques do cause pain. It is inexcusable that sick workers are being denied the dignity of proper compensation for being made ill by their employers.

Over 30% of the GMB members who belong to our East London Laggers Branch and who have been diagnosed with pleural plaques have gone on to develop the fatal cancer, mesothelioma, caused by exposure to asbestos. It is time the Government stopped delaying natural justice to sufferers and restored compensation to all.”
Paul Kenny, GMB General Secretary