It was announced today that Downing Street had received a petition from the Daily Mirror urging the government and Prime Minister to work toward implementing 5 demands:

  • A £10 million National Centre for Asbestos Related Disease

  • Compensation for pleural plaque sufferers

  • Fair and equal compensation for sufferers who cannot trace insurers, through a new Employers Liability Insurance Bureau

  • A public register of all asbestos surveys carried out in public buildings

  • HSE to have the resources to investigate asbestos removal work

The government have responded and their response can be viewed by clicking the following link:

On summary the government have failed to confirm with any conviction that any of the demands will be met although some of the matters such as compensation for pleural plaque suffers and a national insurance register are under review.

If you want further information regarding the petition this can be found at:

Everyone who works with sufferers and victims of asbestos related injuries call upon the Government to take affirmative action on the above matters.