Mr P contacted us in July 2008 having just been diagnosed with mesothelioma.  John Green form we solicitors visited him a home in London within 2 days to assist him with making a claim as well as obtaining benefits from the Government.

Mr P had not worked directly with asbestos but after spending the day with him it became clear that he had worked for a construction company inside West Thurrock Power Station.  Mr P recalled how he saw laggers knocking lagging from pipes and mixing and applying new asbestos lagging.  It quickly became clear this was probably the cause of his mesotheliopma.  WE Solicitors traced some witnesses who were able to confirm Mr P’s evidence.

Within a very short period of time we solicitors secured a £50,00 interim payment for Mr P.  At the beginning of March 2009 WE solicitor secured a final settlement of over £162,000.  Mr P was content in knowing that his family’s finances were in order.

John Green from we solicitors commented “it was extremely important we secured a financial settlement from Mr P during his lifetime as it became clear his health was deteriorating quite quickly and we wanted to ensure Mr P knew his family would be taken care of after his death”

Sadly Mr P passed away within a short period after his settlement.