For years there has been a question mark over whether Talcum powder can result in a Mesothelioma diagnosis?

According to a recent American study of 75 individuals there was found to be a link between the two.  All 75 of the participants had been diagnosed with Malignant Mesothelioma and all had had repeated exposure to cosmetic talcum powders, there was no other known exposure to any other asbestos related products.

The group consisted of 11 males and 64 females with an average age of 61.  The average period of exposure was 33 years and the average latency period, from exposure to diagnosis was 50 years. Tissue samples of 11 of the individuals showed a presence of anthophyllite and/or tremolite asbestos.  Dr Emory who conducted the study stated that ‘Mesotheliomas can develop following repeated exposures to cosmetic talcum powder. This is likely due to the presence of asbestos contaminating cosmetic talcum powders.

 At the conclusion of the study it was suggested that further research is required, in the form of large scale controlled studies to consider the risk further.