It is a worrying time for everyone at the moment with the coronavrius causing the Government to take unprecedented steps to stop the spreading of the disease.  It is especially concerning for those vulnerable groups with chest conditions and none more so than those people with asbestos related injuries, including pleural thickening, asbestosis and mesothelioma.  We would urge all our clients and anyone with any of these conditions to follow the Government’s advice and self-isolate.


For those people who have been diagnosed with an asbestos related condition or even suspect they have one we would urge you to contact us as soon as possible.  As a firm we often receive calls from family members who tell us that a relative has been diagnosed but they don’t want to claim as it’s too much bother or they don’t have the emotional strength at the moment to start the claims process.  I would strongly urge all those people who are thinking about discussing whether they may be eligible for compensation and have put it off for various reasons to contact us immediately.


It is important that we can preserve whatever evidence there is regarding how, where and when exposure to asbestos took place.  This is important as in most cases, only the victim knows how they became exposed to asbestos.  Without that evidence being preserved in a witness statement it makes future claims very difficult although not impossible.


Whilst many of us are working from home and face to face contact is restricted, we are more than happy to make contact via, telephone, facetime, skype or whatsapp.  Whilst these emergency restrictions are in place we are happy to speak to any parties and prepare and initial draft witness statement without cost or obligation, to ensure evidence is protected in the event you or your loved ones later wish to make a claim.


We  urge  you  not  to  delay  and  to  please  contact  us  today  on  0800  294  3065  or  email