Mr Temple was exposed to asbestos whilst working for Metal Box, now Crown Packaging in Cumbria from 1957 until 1989, a period of over 30 years.

During the course of his employment Mr Temple was employed as a lining specialist and he later became a manager but maintained a very hands on role.  He came into contact with Asbestos when he was repairing ovens, cleaning extractor fans and towards the end of his employment when he was dismantling all the equipment as it had been sold to another company.

Mr Temple had been a widow and his claim was brought by his son on behalf of the estate

Sadly, during the course of the late Mr Temple’s employment he was never provided with any form of personal protection equipment to reduce his exposure to asbestos and nor was he ever made aware of the dangers that surrounded working with asbestos despite the fact that his employers should have been well aware of these dangers and their long term effect.

After numerous tests were carried out, Mr Temple was diagnosed with Mesothelioma on 10th March 2014. He did not want to go into a hospice so he was cared for at home by his family until he sadly passed away on 27th March 2014 at the age of 82.

WE Solicitors were instructed on behalf of the Temple family. Witness statements were taken from the family and an appeal was put in a local newspaper to track down people that used to work with Harry.  The appeal was well received and several men came forward and provided statements confirming asbestos was present in the Defendants premises.  WE Solicitors then commissioned a medical report which supported this claim.  This report was presented to the defendants as part of the evidence to support the Temple family’s claim.

Court proceedings were issued, engineers reports were also commissioned but unfortunately for the family, the Defendants maintained a denial of asbestos exposure.

Despite this, WE Solicitors were able to negotiate an out of court settlement of £35,000 for Mr Temple’s estate and therefore avoided the need for a trial.

The Temple family said ‘we have nothing but praise for your company having dealt with the case in a compassionate and professional way, always keeping us up to date with things.  We would like to thank you for everything and would have  no hesitation in recommending WE Solicitors.’