Mrs Sheila King wins settlement of £15,000 through WE Solicitors on behalf of her late husband, David, who passed away shortly after court proceedings began. 

Mr King was exposed to excessive levels of asbestos, whilst working as a Carpenter for a period of years. Mr King worked for a company called Chitham and Co as an apprentice carpenter for 5 years.

 At no point during his employment was Mr King provided with any form of breathing equipment to protect him from breathing in asbestos dust nor was he ever warned of the dangers of asbestos.

Mr King was diagnosed with Pleural Thickening in his life time.

Mr King’s exposure was prior to the commencement of dates on his Inland Revenue Schedule however WE Solicitors were still able to bring a successful claim on behalf of his estate.

WE Solicitors were able to negotiate an out of court settlement of £15,00 for Mrs King who was very pleased with the outcome.