Mr Burton wins his case for asbestos related diffuse pleural thickening after a legal battle with the insurers for his previous employers, Hussey Egan & Pickmere, Betchel International and Tarmac Engineering Ltd.

Mr Burton was employed as a charge hand and foreman in the construction industry and regularly came into contact with asbestos whilst at work.

Asbestos is a naturally occurring mineral which was mined and refined and used for decades for its heat resistant properties. It was widely used in construction throughout the 1960’s and asbestos was only completely banned in 2000 in the UK.

Despite this, asbestos is still present in many buildings built in the housing and building boom after the second world war. Asbestos related diseases continue to reek havoc with the lives of those exposed despite the use of asbestos being phased out from the 1980’s .

This was a far from straightforward case but after threatening legal action, the insurers relented and an undisclosed sum of damages was received by Mr Burton.

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