WE Solicitors have successfully settled a mesothelioma claim against the Central Electricity Generating Board on behalf of Mr T who worked as a power station worker for decades. Having worked in the UK and Hong Kong he retired to Canada leaving heavy industry to set up a number of family restaurants. 

Mr T was employed as a fitter and engineer and was working with asbestos throughout the course of his employment with the CEGB between 1956 and 1969. During this time the CEGB he worked at Middlesborough, Blythe, Keaby and Cottam before moving to Hong Kong in 1970. 

Asbestos was widely used in the power industry throughout this time to insulate pipework. Mr T recalls asbestos lagging teams and pipefitters removing and lagging sections of pipework whilst he working nearby. Even as an apprentice at the age of 16 he was being exposed to asbestos on a regular basis. 

In March 2015 WE Solicitors were contacted by Mr T for advice about how to make a claim. As he now resided in Canada he had found our details on the internet. A witness statement was taken from Mr T via ‘Skype’ and many of the video and telephone meetings were scheduled outside of normal hours in view of the differing time zones. 

Even though Mr T had not worked in the UK for 40 years he was still entitled to claim benefits and compensation from the Government and his claim was progressed and settled without him having to come back to the UK. WE Solicitors have acted for a number of ex pats around the world, many having retired to start new lives in New Zealand, Australia and Canada to name but a few, only to have the shadow of their working past come back decades later with this cruel and debilitating disease. 

Steven Evans, the partner dealing with the case said “Mr T’s case has been a fantastic example of how we can help victims and their families who reside outside the UK. Technology is such now that we can hold face to face meetings whilst thousands of miles apart. I am happy that we have been able to help Mr T and his family to receive the compensation he so rightfully deserves. Often ex pat’s who have emigrated doubt whether they will be able to make a claim for compensation or will be entitled to receive government assistance. It is therefore essential that anyone who may be suffering from an asbestos related illness having been exposed in the UK seeks specialist legal advice and ensures they feel happy and confident in the legal team who take on the case.” 

Mr T commented that WE has acted in a prompt matter and had kind consideration of his case. He said that under difficult circumstances his dealings with WE Solicitors had been an overall good experience.