It was reported in the Accrington Observer on 25 September that the Blackburn and Hyndburn Coroner Michael Singleton warned of a “ticking timebomb” relating to asbestos related deaths.

Despite for many years there being a suggestion that mesothelioma cases would plateau and slowly decrease, the number of deaths continue to rise.  Not only has the number of cases continued to rise, the types of workers who are now being diagnosed with mesothelioma has steadily changed over the last twenty or so years from mainly blue collar workers to more recently include doctors, nurses, teachers and cleaning staff.

Despite the dangers of asbestos being widely accepted and safeguarded against in the west for the last 20 years, this mineral product is still being mined and exported from countries such as Russia and China being the major producers as asbestos.  This material is still sadly being produced for domestic and foreign export mainly to developing countries.

Whilst the asbestos timetomb may still ticking in the UK, the bomb is still being mined and shipped to many developing countries.  The latency period from the point of inhaling the asbestos fibres to the diagnosis of the incurable cancer mesothelioma can be as much as 40 years.  Not just here in the UK but everywhere around the world will have to deal with the ongoing legacy of asbestos production for decades to come.

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