Mr Jones was exposed to excessive levels of asbestos whilst he was working three companies, Darlington Insulations Ltd, J T Schofields Ltd and T H Kenyon Ltd. He worked as a Thermal Insulation Engineer for each of the above companies for a period of over 30 years. 

During the course of Mr Jones employment he had to mix asbestos lagging paste, sweep up after the laggers, strip lagging of pipes and boilers and relag them with the paste. Mr Jones also had to cut preformed asbestos using a hand held saw. 

At no point during his employment was Mr Jones ever provided with any form of breathing equipment to protect him from breathing in asbestos dust nor was he ever warned of the dangers of asbestos. 

Mr Jones sadly passed away during the course of these proceedings which were then stayed for a short period while an inquest was carried out. The inquest concluded that Mr Jones’s Asbestos Induced Disease Pleural Thickening contributed to his death and the conclusion was given as Industrial Disease. 

Following his fathers’ death, Mr Jones’ son, continued the action on behalf of his fathers’ estate 

WE Solicitors were able to negotiate an out of court settlement of £45,000 for Mr Jones’ estate, avoiding the need for court proceedings. Both Mr Jones and WE Solicitors are very pleased with the outcome. 

Mr Jones said he service was excellent through the process, we were always kept informed at every stage.