Mr C was exposed to asbestos, whilst working initially as an apprentice bricklayer and then as a qualified bricklayer in the Construction industry for a period of around seven years. 

Our client worked for two companies during this time, both exposing him to asbestos; Sir Robert McAlpine & Sons Limited and Anglo Great Lakes Corporation Limited. 

At Sir Robert McAlpine & Sons Mr C worked amongst laggers who mixed asbestos powder with water to form a paste that was then put onto pipes. It was also not uncommon for Mr C to have to cut through pipes that were lagged with asbestos and he would pull the lagging off with his bare hands. 

When he was employed at Anglo Great Lakes Corporation our client used a hammer and chisel to remove asbestos insulation that was in large furnaces. Once he had removed the old insulation, laggers would put in new insulation which Mr C recalls being like a paste. 

During Mr C’s employment, he was never provided with any form of personal protection against asbestos and nor was he ever made aware of the dangers presented by working with asbestos. 

Mr C now suffers from asbestos illness, pleural thickening which results in a respiratory disability. This was confirmed when WE Solicitors arranged a medical assessment of his respiratory condition which was presented to the defendants, as part of the evidence to support his claim. 

Proceedings were issued in Manchester County Court however WE Solicitors were able to negotiate an out of court settlement of £20,000 for Mr C, avoiding the need for the matter to go to trial. WE Solicitors secured a provisional settlement for Mr C allowing him to claim a further amount should his condition deteriorate in the future.