WE Solicitors have been successful in securing compensation for a wife and widow of an Electrical Boiler Engineer who was employed by Thos W Ward from 1966 until 1974.

Our client’s husband,  began to have problems with his breathing from the summer of 2012 but it was not until the beginning of December 2013, almost 18 months later that we was diagnosed with Mesothelioma.  He sadly lost his fight against Mesothelioma in March this year just 15 months after he was diagnosed.

As an Electrical Boiler Engineer, our clients’ late husband had to effectively install and replace boiler systems in large premises.  When he would remove a boiler he would have to dismantle all the pipework, nearly all of which on older installations was lagged with asbestos.  When a new boiler would be installed he would connect the boiler to its control panel and ensure that the electrics worked.

The pipework would then be relagged by laggers.  The laggers would mix asbestos powder with water to form a paste and apply it with their hands.  He worked within 20 feet of the laggers as this went on and would get covered in asbestos dust.  The boiler rooms were confined spaces with little or no ventilation or extraction.  He and the dust would be trapped in the same small space for the entirety of his working day.

Medical evidence was commissioned which supported his diagnosis.

At the first hearing of this case, at the High Court in Manchester, the court considered the evidence and found in favour of the claimant.  The case was settled without a trial for a six figure sum which was paid to our client on behalf of her late husband’s estate.