WE Solicitors were able to assist a wife whose husband is suffering from mesothelioma to secure damages totalling nearly £140,000.  Our clients contacted us having immigrated to Canada in the 1970s.  He had worked in the Manchester area as a joiner working in small local buildings firms.

Despite exhaustive searches which included:

  • Contacting the Employers Liability Tracing Office
  • Searching Companies House
  • Contacting local insurance brokers
  • Obtaining HMRC tax records
  • Writing to former directors and company owners
  • Contacting local support groups and other specialist law firms like ourselves

We were unable to trace the company.  In the past this would have meant the family of client would have received no compensation.  However since July this year people who have been diagnosed with mesothelioma have been able to claim under a scheme specifically designed to compensate victims and families in this situation.

Whilst the damages recovered are not as much had they gone through the normal civil route, they do represent around 75% – 80% of the overall value of the case.

The insurance industry would have you believe that solicitors are not required for this process.  They suggest to victims and their families that this is simply a paper exercise.  THIS IS NOT THE CASE!

You still have to establish how the victim was exposed to asbestos and how you can succeed in establishing that the former employer was negligent.  You have to provide evidence in the application form and show the steps you have taken to identify and locate the companies.

These cases still require specialist advice and we would urge people “not to have a go” themselves but to contact us so we can assist and guide them through the process.  In most cases a company can be found and you would be entitled to the full value of claim.

We are so looking forward to meeting our client in person.  She is flying into the UK and we have arranged to go and see her for lunch.  Hopefully she and her family can have some closure on this matter and rest easy knowing justice has been served.

If you would like to know more about claiming under the new Untraced Scheme, call us today on 0800 294 3065