On Friday 5th July I attended the Manchester Action Mesothelioma Day in Manchester City Centre. The day was arranged by Greater Manchester Asbestos Victims Support Group to raise awareness of the dangers of asbestos and remember those who have sadly passed away from asbestos related illnesses.

There was an excellent turnout, people of all age groups came to show their support. There was a friendly atmosphere and many people discussed loved ones who had been lost to asbestos and doves were released in their memory.

AMD 2013

MPs supported the cause and are also fighting for improvements to the new mesothelioma scheme which will provide some compensation for those diagnosed with mesothelioma from July 2012 where insurers of the responsible party cannot be traced.  They believe the scheme should provide 100% of what compensation they would receive if making a civil claim.

Two specialist mesothelioma nurses are also being introduced in to the Greater Manchester area to help support mesothelioma victims and provide further care.

It was a very emotional day for all of the families there affected by this devastating illness and the support that those at Greater Manchester Asbestos Victims Support Group provide to these families is remarkable.

Further support and awareness is needed and these events will keep taking place until asbestos related conditions are eliminated.  Show your support next year.  Action Mesothelioma Day takes place annually on the first Friday in July.