Mr Wolstenholme wins £40,000 payout after working  as a Welder/ Pipe Fitter for Haden and Sons, Norris Warming and MJN Maintenance.

He was exposed to asbestos whilst fixing and maintaining heating systems, boilers and pipe work.  During the course of his work Mr Wolstenholme was required to remove old pipework and materials that were lagged with asbestos, often in confined spaces.  The dust produced was excessive and he could not help but breathe it in.

Many years later Mr Wolstenholme developed chest problems and found he was becoming short of breath quickly. After being assessed by a consultant he was diagnosed with asbestosis with a disability level of 20%.

We solicitors helped with the application for Industrial Injuries Disablement Benefit (IIDB), a weekly benefit from the government that compensates for work related disability.

We also succeeded with the legal claim against his former employers.  The legal claim was complex and time consuming because the employers had changed insurance companies many times.  Eventually all of the insurers were traced to enable Mr Wolstenholme to receive 100% of the compensation owed to him.

Jennifer Wood of WE Solicitors says ‘ Although this compensation award will never give Mr Wolstenhome his health back and enable him to play with his grandchildren (which he misses terribly), at least it is an acknowledgement of the difficulties he endures.’

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