Campaigners across Asia, Canada and the world are celebrating the new Canadian Governments decision to cancel the enormous $58million loan to resurrect the asbestos mine at Jeffrey. The plan had been to export millions of tons of asbestos to Asia, which would have led to thousands of deaths from asbestosis or mesothelioma.

The mine produced mainly crysotile asbestos and those in favour were advocating the ‘safe’ use of this deadly mineral. The manufacture and use of which would take place in countries with a very patchy health and safety record.

It was in September 2012 that the Canadian Government made an announcement that it would not oppose crysotile asbestos to be listed as a hazardous substance under the Rotterdam Convention under the export rule of ‘prior informed consent’.

We solicitors are very pleased that this will save thousands of lives in developing countries, and that Canada has realised it has a duty not to take advantage of lax health and safety laws.