One crucial aspect to an asbestosis claim case is the ability of an asbestosis lawyer to naturally try and gain early payment for patient and close family.

The financial support can provide assurance of future security at a particularly difficult and emotionally vulnerable time for all concerned. It may also help to bring a measure of relief to the patient who can finally see some legal redress and closure to long term suffering.

In 2006, a 75 year old chemical company employee who was diagnosed with asbestosis disease – assessed as causing a 10 per cent disability – was able to gain a settlement on a ‘provisional’ basis. This meant that the claim could be reopened if the asbestosis caused a further deterioration of health and a subsequent increase in disability.

Even though exposure to asbestos had occurred whilst being employed for thirty five years at the same firm, there is often a period of at least 15 years before any asbestosis symptoms appear, with the condition continuing to slowly worsen, post diagnosis.

By November 2011, the asbestosis had deteriorated further to a 30 per cent disability and the case was reopened. Unfortunately, in May 2012, a fatal heart attack, took place before further compensation was finally able to be paid to the family who continued to work with their asbestosis lawyer to secure payment.

Medical research has found that when asbestos fibres have been inhaled and permanently embed in the linings of the lungs, not only is there a high risk causing asbestosis disease but also the inflammatory processes, which take place can also lead to the development of cardiovascular disease. Consequently, the likelihood of a male dying from a stroke linked to asbestosis disease is over 60 per cent.

According to the IIDB (Industrial Injuries Disablement Benefit), in 2011, the number of newly assessed cases of asbestosis was 725. From the 1940s onwards and throughout the peak years of asbestosis manufacture in the UK, countless thousands of workers were exposed to asbestos and breathed in the fibres over a consistent period of time.

Tragically, there was often a lack of asbestos awareness to the long term health risks and many company employers simply failed to provide adequate protection.

According to recent estimates, the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) report there are at least 4,700 asbestos disease related deaths recorded every year in the UK, which could reach over 60,000 by 2050.