Mr M. wins £50,000 interim payout after contracting mesothelioma as a result of exposure to asbestos at a BHS store in Colchester. Mr M. was working as a Labourer for Myton Ltd in 1976, a company that was contracted to fit suspended ceilings and erect partitions inside the store. The ceiling was made from asbestos tiles and used asbestolux sheeting for the partitions.

The compensation was awarded by Judgement in Mr M.’s legal case, however it was not paid by the insurer of Myton Ltd as they were awaiting the outcome of the trigger litigation.

The trigger litigation was a case recently decided by the Supreme Court in which a small number of insurers attempted to evade responsibility for paying out claims on the employer liability insurance policies they provided at the time the asbestos victim was exposed to asbestos.

The Insurers attempted to rely on a technical reinterpretation of the policy wording to say that it did not cover the period of time when the dust was inhaled. The Insurers argument was not successful and the Claimants won their case and were awarded compensation.

Following the outcome of the trigger litigation Mr M received his rightful compensation.

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