Mitchells & Butlers Retail Ltd were ordered to pay £25,782.45 in fines and legal costs for exposing electricians and plumbers to asbestos following a Health and Safety Executive (HSE) asbestos investigation and subsequent hearing at Bishop Auckland Magistrates Court,

The major UK pub operator commissioned an asbestos survey of the White Lion Pub in Darlington in June 2007.  This survey only covered areas that were subject to renovation however when the plans for the renovation changed the company failed to commission a survey of the new renovation areas.

When work commenced in September 2007 the workers drilled into asbestos ceiling tiles located in the kitchen and were exposed to asbestos dust.

The HSE state that construction and maintenance workers are among those most at risk from asbestos related diseases as it is still present in buildings constructed before 2000.  It is therefore essential that any owner of commercial premises built prior to 2000 must ensure a suitable assessment for asbestos has been carried out before any construction work takes place.