The 5th Mesothelioma UK Patient & Carer Day is set to take place on Saturday, 2nd October 2010. Having previously been held in Manchester, Leeds and Newcastle, this year London is set to be the event destination, at the Novotel Hotel, St Pancras.

The day aims to bring mesothelioma patients, carers and families together to share their experiences of the deadly asbestosis disease. It provides an unique opportunity to raise issues and ask questions to the many invited expert speakers participating to answer with up to date, unbiased information and guidance on asbesostis symptoms and treatments.

This year’s programme begins with an update about the various mesothelioma compensation patients and carers can apply for followed by a discussion on research trials, and a talk about the benefits and extent of undergoing chemotherapy.

Currently there are no national guidelinesfor the treatment of mesothelioma. Thus, it is important that patients and their families can obtain as much information as possible on the available treatments. Increasing asbestos awareness means the patient can make an informed decision as to how they wish to progress with their treatment.

The role of various ways to treat mesothelioma will be looked at, from chemoperfusion, where drugs are slowly injected directly into the tumour through a catheter, to mistletoe therapy as a way to stimulate and strengthen the immune system, which can also induce apoptosis, or self destruction in cancer cells, which in some cases, can reverse tumour growth.

Immunotherapy is another treatment – although very much in the experimental stage – which uses ‘modifier’ chemicals to realign the body’s immune system so that it recognises the mesothelioma cells as being cancerous and so begin to attack them.

Mesothelioma patients, relatives or friends can attend the event free of charge but will need to register. For members of voluntary organisations and health professionals there is a fee of £25 per person and of £150 per person in respect of industry representatives.

For details on how to register, contact Mesothelioma UK for further information  T: 0800 169 2409