The family of Kenneth Wildman have won a £48,500 payout after Mr Wildman died of mesothelioma, a lung cancer caused by exposure to asbestos dust. Mr Wildman worked as an Engineer/ Foreman 1960-1988 at Royal George Mill and came into contact with asbestos whilst carrying out his duties.

This was a particularly difficult case as Mr Wildman had died prior to we solicitors being instructed by the family so no witness evidence was available directly from him. A statement was obtained from a former work colleague and the developers of the site of Royal George Mill kindly supplied a copy of the asbestos survey, however due to the stringent requirements of evidence in asbestos cases these documents would have been unlikely to have won the case for the family therefore the solicitor running the case used negotiation to achieve a settlement for a significant sum. Here are we solicitors, we will not give up on a case where there is a possibility we can achieve a good outcome for a client.

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