Action Mesothelioma Day 2010, the fifth event to be mounted across the UK, which was announced by The British Lung Foundation (BLF) and supporting organisations to be held on the first Friday in July, is scheduled for 2nd July.

Action Mesothelioma Day was first created to bring to public attention and reinforce asbestos awareness of the continuing deadly dangers of contracting mesothelioma and asbestosis.
Another key aim is to highlight the decades of ceaseless suffering caused to many thousands of workers by original exposure to the many different forms of asbestos, and to promote a Mesothelioma Charter.

The Charter sets out a list of fundamental rights for mesothelioma patients and their families. It calls on Employers and Government to implement urgent, preventative and remedial actions, care, treatments and legislation to properly combat all current and future issues that are faced by the persisting existence of asbestos materials.

Included are two clauses relating to support for asbestos compensation and making a mesothelioma claim :

“ We, the undersigned, believe that Mesothelioma patients and their families have a right to:

5. Have up-to-date advice on benefits and help in applying for them, and receive prompt payment of
6. Have legal advice and guidance from a firm of solicitors experienced in mesothelioma claims “

Many events are planned, mainly in the North of England, and those living in the Greater Manchester Area will be able to show their support by coming along to a number of scheduled events by the Greater Manchester Asbestos Victims Support Group:

Action Mesthelioma Day 2010

Release of Doves

12.30pm in Albert Square Manchester
In memory of all those who have died from mesothelioma

Public Meeting
13.00pm in Manchester Town Hall
“Palliative Care for Mesothelioma Sufferers”

Dr. Helen Clayson (medical director St. Mary’s Hospice Ulverston)
Hermione Ross (singer and campaigner on mesothelioma in Ireland)
Action Mesothelioma Charter

Nearly 200 people attended last year’s ‘Dove Release’ on Action Mesothelioma Day, held in February 27th 2009, and was covered by BBC North West and Radio Manchester.