The Co-Operative Insurance is calling upon the insurance industry to support government plans to help people affected by asbestos related illnesses to get compensation from individual insurers or an industry scheme.

This is at odds with the Association of British Insurers view that has always opposed pooled compensation for victims who cannot trace insurers because companies have long since gone out of business.

David Neave who heads up general insurance at The Co-Op was quoted in the Insurance Times as saying:

“The Co-operative Insurance believes that a solution needs to be developed by the whole insurance industry which will allow victims of asbestos related disease, and their families to access a tracing service which identifies historic companies and their insurers from whom a claim can be made”…………”However, contrary to the ABI’s views on funding of the compensation, if a companies insurer proves impossible to trace, we believe that it is only fair and ethical for insurers to fund a pool enabling these victims to make a claim”

If only other large insurers would have a similar enlightened view it would make the litigation process far less traumatic for many of the victims and their families who regularly contact us.

If you have been diagnosed with an asbestos related condition or you have made a previous claim and your representatives could not find an insurer then please contact us on our freephone number or email us directly.