You may be aware of the recent Government decision to compensate some victims of pleural plaques caused by asbestos exposure.  As you know, since 2007 sufferers have been unable to claim compensation for pleural plaques injuries following a House of Lords case.

The Government have now decided to make a one off payment of £5,000 to victims WHO ALREADY HAD A CLAIM LODGED AT COURT IN 2007.  If you had made a claim but the case was not issued in court then sadly you are ineligible for the payment.

We believe this is a totally unacceptable decision by the Government.  There is no difference between those victims with cases lodged at court and those without.  In affect this payment will only benefit approximately 6,000 people.         

If you had a claim with us and it was lodged at court we will be writing to you in the next 7 days.  If you had a claim lodged by another law firm you should contact them immediately.

If you have any questions in relation to this latest development, please contact John Green at WE Solicitors on 0870 165 9413 or email us at