A widow from Wigan has won a landmark victory that may assist thousands of other victims of asbestos.

The victim died of asbestosis (this is a type of fibrosis that affects the lungs).  He developed this after working for British Rail as a Lorry driver between 1958 and 1962.  Part of his job was to take loads of hessian sacks full of asbestos fibres from a depot in Wigan to the Turner & Newell Plant in Hindley Green.

When the victim sadly passed away lung samples where taken that showed that the asbestos fibres count was only 7 million fibres.  This may seem like a lot but it was considerably below 20 million fibres previously recognised by as the threshold that needed to be achieved for the development of lung fibrosis to be attributed to asbestos.

The victim’s solicitors asked an expert Pathologist, Dr Roggli from Duke University, North Carolina who was able to give evidence that during the long period between the asbestos exposure and onset of the asbestosis symptoms a large number of asbestos fibres could have cleared. 

Mrs Justice Swift found that the previous limit was “set too high, probably significantly too high” and found in favour of the victim.  The victims family where awarded £100,000.

This could have far reaching implications for thousands of other workers who suffer(ed) from lung fibrosis.  Until now they may have been told there is not enough asbestos fibres in the lungs for the condition to be caused by asbestos. 

Lorry Drivers are often forgotten victims of asbestos illness.  Thousands will have been exposed when moving loads of asbestos fibres and products over the country by road. WE Solicitors are currently representing a gentleman who worked for Home Counties Transport (also known as Greenwoods Transport).  This man was required to load and unload asbestos sheeting from Aberdeen, Mugimoss Mill, British Gypsum Factories in the Nottingham area and Northfleet, Kent to Watford where it was used in the construction industry.

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